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Reports have shown that women watch porn a lot and are into all kinds of things especially the rough stuff. Women watch porn. Because so many of us do it, but not enough of us talk about it. In general, women's favorite search term in was "lesbian," and men's was "japanese.
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Because rough sex can get a little But it wasn't the favorite everywhere. It's no surprise, as we know it's popular for both gay and straight women because, you know, boobs. The U. Ruth Discusses the Sex Recession. Oh, and in case you needed to settle any debate on how long it takes a woman to get off — women log on for an average of 10 minute and 33 second worldwide.
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It's worth checking out all of the breakdowns on their site, but here were my favorites:. And every year, we're confronted with data on what was tickling our sexual subconscious and how much time we dedicated to getting off. It looked at the most viewed relative categories in 20 countries and showed how much more popular it is in that country than in the rest of the world. Every year, Pornhub releases its " Year in Review " report, churning out statistics on America's kinks.
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Love it. Someone who likes to be emotionally dominated might ask their partner to say mean things, point and laugh, and highlight specific insecurities. And there's your snapshot. Type keyword s to search. Read next how to get a girl to talk about sex
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