Car date sex

For those of you who have ever attempted it, you might have noticed the typical difficulties: avoiding hard objects like seats, steering wheels, dashboards, and gear sticks, and getting into a comfortable enough position to actually finish the job at hand. Leave your phones at home, hop into your SEAT Mii and head out into the open, as far away from city lights as you can. You can improvise on how to use your bedding in the back depending on your vehicle, but the basic gist is to throw the towels in the dips of the seats and lay the blankets over the towels and position the pillows against the car doors. There are generally big piles of gravel and sand and cement every hundred or so miles off the side of the highway.
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How To Have Sex In A Car

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Car Sex - Tips and Positions

You'll know whether or not it's a legit Walmart by the other car-campers and RVs parked somewhere in the back corner. Do a quick clean up before your date. When night falls, get the marshmallows out and set your soundtrack for an evening by the campfire no need to take speakers - just wind down the car windows and your SEAT Mii's sound system's got you covered. Because you can also have sex on the car. It works better if you pull the front seats as far forward as you can, to give you more room. Just waiting to cate.
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How To Have Sex In a Car

Also, make sure you've got some wet-wipes to clean up afterwards and a plastic shopping bag for disposal. Maybe you're some of those too. Basiy I'm just waiting for someone to hangout with and get go know I guess just like everyone else haha. Well, exit there and find a nice spot to pretend like your car is abandoned—just park on some out-of-site two-tracker road roads that only have tire marks to lead the way or any road for that matter and play dead. You'll be inhaling diesel fuel while you sleep and they leave the trucks running throughout the night so it's real loud.
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Rest areas are always good, unless specifically stated on a sign. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. If you want to have sex in the front while laying down, how the hell do you deal with that front console? But for now im just waiting to chill. Drive to your nearest camp site, park up and go for a romantic woodland walk. Next article fingers his ass
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