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Get Known if you don't have an account. Alien: Covenant : The titular Covenant is a colonization vessel. There are also others that tend to end up in this kind of role, such as the spice mines of Kessel. Gorgon is a planet of exile in the Egryn subsector of the Spinward Marches.
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Penal Colony

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Lost Colony - TV Tropes | Aliens | Tv tropes, Colonial, Lost

Comic Books. As part of a conspiracy, research for hyperdrive technology is occurring on the most violent planet. Curfew Rule 6 : Any colonist breaking curfew will be automatically subject[ed] to deadly force. Orson Scott Card 's works: Lovelock takes place aboard the Mayflower Ark, an enormous starship carrying the population of a small town to start a colony on a new planet. The Federation just dumps prisoners on the planet to fend for themselves without resources. Particularly large expeditions may require a fleet of these ships; others will be entirely self-contained in one vessel. Freefall takes place on a newly colonized planet in the final stages of terraforming.
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Colony Ship

You need to login to do this. Xenoblade Chronicles X : Seen in its opening cinematic, in which the people of Earth are caught in the crossfire between two warring alien races, which leaves them no choice but to escape the conflict and the planet's ensuing destruction aboard large interplanetary vessels called "Arks", each intended to colonize a new planet. The prison is run by a hierarchy of criminals who require obedience from their fellow prisoners.
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As I understand it, the original pioneers were the Boortrekkers of several centuries ago: several hundred years later, Sir Cecil successfully revived the Boortrekkie spirit and led a new trek out of the Transvaal into a new country. In Canyon Passage , Jacksonville is a small settlement on the very edge of the frontier. Follow TV Tropes. Problems include hallucinatory pollen. You must see it lesbians naked and having sex
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