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Sounding bear gay pay per view

Lately, some media have been quoting Kink in SF. January 7, — pm. I have a sneaking suspicion that the producers of the films and scenes make a significantly larger amount of money from the videos; the models should make more. Dale Landefeld worth much more ….. Jacob23 Michael Alvear needs to reconsider his career in economics.
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Think about that for a moment. Active Duty. January 8, — pm. Bruce Dillon Not Barely Enough! With so many gay men watching porn, and desiring to have the hottest sex they can find because of said porn, I see nothing wrong with the truly hot guys in porn having hot sex for money. They probably make next to nothing compared to the white stars. Room

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Administrator British writer and journalist. Dylan Albertson : Probably because he was ridiculously hot in that role, and he had a really gay-for-pay look in it too IMO. I only skimmed the 65 previous comments so maybe someone noted this already. Clark35 : Because Tracer copied and pasted himself into a corner.
I find it hard to believe that these men committed suicide as a result of doing porn. Come off it. Colby Knox. Next post financial statistics of asian americans
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