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Retarted people having sex

Mentally retarded teens usually lack the motor skills and motivation to use barrier methods consistently. Piteo said, was "scared out of her wits. Frangipane of his year-old son, Anthony, who he describes as low functioning. Campbell said.
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Sex Adds to Fears of Parents of Retarded

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Physically, mentally disabled teens require special contraceptive care.

See More Reviews. The crucial difference is the retarded person's lack of appropriate information about physical and emotional changes of adolescence, sexuality, and birth control. Long-acting injectable contraceptives such as Depo-Provera offer the greatest protection against pregnancy and have the highest satisfaction rate among parents and caretakers of retarded young people; however, side effects can include depression and weight gain. It took decades for experts to reach the conclusion that some mentally disabled people are capable of consenting to sex, she said. But she doesn't always know what's acceptable, what signals she might send. She has been branded as a troublemaker, even, once or twice, as sex mad, of all things. Sexual assault of the mentally retarded is by no means a new phenomenon, but it is one that is getting increased recognition.
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Rape and the Mentally Retarded

Most parents' primary concern is that their children understand enough so that they are not easy targets for abuse. Things have to be said to him hundreds of times, possibly thousands. More From The Irish Examiner. Since retarded teenagers struggle to be accepted, they tend to be compliant and thus vulnerable to sexual exploitation.
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He has met a year-old retarded woman at work and has asked his sister to chaperone several of their outings, because the woman's mother insists they not go out alone. What is less known is the rule that having sex with an "incompetent" person can also get you charged with rape. You may opt-out at any time. While she was at her job at a fast-food restaurant in Larchmont -- where she wiped tables, filled ketchup and mustard bottles and made change for video games -- the same man approached her. Watch asian man with white woman
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